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CS 3500 Intraoral Scanner

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In the new reality, the compact, truly-portable and powderfree CS 3500 intraoral scanner is a true game-changer within digital impression technology. No other scanner can match it for enhanced patient comfort and workflow efficiency. It allows you to scan your patients’ teeth directly and then get high quality, high precision digital results immediately.

  • Truly handheld, portable with no trolley and plug and play, direct USB connection
  • Powder-free with slim scanner head for comfortable, custom-fit restorations
  • Part of a flexible and open system, allowing you to choose between in-house or lab milling
  • No ongoing fees
  • Exceptional precision for detailed, coloured 2D and 3D images
  • Innovative light guidance system that aids in the capture of the data during the image acquisition process
  • Disposable and autoclavable tips for proper hygiene and infection control
  • No external heater is necessary to prevent mirror fogging during image capture
  • Features a slim scanner head and 2 different tip sizes for patient comfort
  • Scan both arches quickly and easily
  • Virtually automatic bite registration
  • Impressive average precision of 30 microns and 1024 x 768 image resolution