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Cytoplast Vitala

Cytoplast Vitala – Porcine Derived Collagen Membranes


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15 x 20mm (1 pack)
13 x 25mm (1 pack)
20 x 30mm (1 pack)
30 x 40mm (1 pack)

A natural porcine-derived collagen membrane. Vitala features the advanced handling characteristics of a soft, supple, exceptionally flexible and adaptable membrane with superior tensile strength.

Manufactured using a proprietary protocol designed to maintain the natural, microporous, 3-layered architecture of the tissue without the need for cross-linking chemicals and agents. Designed to resist tearing during placement, Vitala is naturally strong.

The natural collagen structure provides a unique combination of supple handling and ideal defect adaptability. Because both sides are smooth, either side may be placed against the defect.

Available from New Zealand ONLY