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Putty in Syringe

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Putty in Syringe

NovaBone® Dental Putty does not necessitate any mixing prior to placement. It is dispensed in a pre-mixed state and can be placed directly into the defect site from the package. It can be mixed with Allograft/Autograft but by using a “sandwich” technique so as not to lose the consistency of the graft material.

NovaBone® Putty significantly simplifies bone graft handling and delivery. Eliminates the “over-condensation” “under-condensation” dilemma Eliminates the device migration concerns.

  • No special preparation required
  • No refrigeration required
  • Great adaptability
  • Does not set like a cement
  • Can be formed into various shapes and sizes

NovaBone® Dental Putty is 100% synthetic and fully resorbable.  It is  composed of calcium phosphosilicate (CPS) particles in a bimodal size distribution combined with a polyethylene glycol and glycerine binder.  The binder improves handling and aids in maintaining the space between the particles, which facilitates revascularisation after implantation.  The bioactive CPS component makes up 70% of the putty by volume.  Upon implantation, the water soluble binder is absorbed within 24 to 72 hours, creating a 3-dimensional porous scaffold that facilitates diffusion of blood and tissue fluids through the matrix.

NovaBone® Dental Putty significantly simplifies bone graft handling and delivery.  It is ready to use and extremely user friendly.  It is pre-mixed, cohesive, moldable, and adaptable.  NovaBone Dental Putty is stable at room temperature, does not require refrigeration, has a 4 year shelf-life and appears radiodense on radiographs.

More than 20 years of international clinical use and more than 50 scientific publications on file.