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Restorative Bundle

Restorative Bundle

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Torq Control is a universal dynamometrical torque wrench specially designed by anthogyr to meet todays high precision, surgical implant requirements. It features perfect control with 7 torque values of 0, 15, 20, 25, 30, 32 and 35 Ncm and is compatible with any implant type.

Anthogyr Torq Control offers optimum security with a specialised automatic de-clutch that prevents screws from loosening and fractures, and an ergonomic, lightweight design (135g) allows better freedom of movement.

Torq Control’s 100  angulated micro-head provides optimized access in posterior mouth areas and its one-piece, smooth surface design limits bacterial retention. Torq Control can withstand autoclave sterilisation at 135c

Restorative Bundle Includes:

Anthogyr Torq Control Universal Driver
Set of 7 Latch Tip Bits
Straight Driver
SCS Driver
UniGrip Driver
Hex 1.3mm
Hex 1.2mm
Hex 0.9mm
Square 1.3mm