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Torque Wrenches


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Tightening with the correct torque minimizes the risk of the screw working loose and improves the precision during bridge fabrication. Torque control can also reduce the risk of stress being built into the restoration and prevent component fractures.

The DynaTorq® Wrench is a pre-calibrated torque wrench system that prevents over and under tightening of implant screws and abutments. It is available in 10Ncm, 20Ncm, 30Ncm, 32Ncm and 35Ncm settings to meet the needs of a variety of implant systems


10Ncm Torque Wrench: $170.00
20Ncm Torque Wrench: $170.00
30Ncm Torque Wrench: $170.00
32Ncm Torque Wrench: $170.00
35Ncm Torque Wrench: $170.00