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About DESS®

Founded in Barcelona in 1947, manufactured by Terrats Medical SL who specialise in the manufacture of precision components.
DESS® product range has been conceived around the most popular connections but has been evolving to become the most complete range of compatible products on the market.
DESS® products are manufactured under the most strict quality assurance processes and have FDA, CE, Canada Health and other rigorous certifications including TGA in Australia.

DESS® Features

  • Roughened Surface Ti Base
  • Roughened Surface Ti Base
  • Original Screw Compatibility
  • Single Height Ti Base 4.2mm
  • Intra Oral and Lab Scan Bodies
  • Largest Range of Implant Compatibilities
  • Implant Libraries Available
  • Sandard / Digital Analogue
  • Titanium Anodised Analogues
  • Life Time Warranty