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This 2 day course with Dr. Christian Coachman is the start of a clinicians lifetime experience with Digital Smile Design….’the future face of dentistry’

Many clinicians have requested we provide the latest training in Treatment Planning, Preparation and Cementation of veneers and crowns as a result of the successful communication that DSD creates when patients experience it.

Dr. Christian Coachman and the DSD Australian Team with the DR Institute have created an extra 3 day Residency Program where the clinicians will attend Day 3 for an immersion course in Treatment Planning and Photography techniques as well as bring along their own patients to Day 4 & 5 to carry out preps and cementation techniques on their DSD designed cases under the guidance of a DSD Certified Instructor.

This 3 day training program over 3 months will address the areas of skill development needed to complement the DSD patient experience in a Residency type program to complement the DSD training you will have experienced with Dr. Christian Coachman in his 2 day program May 3 & 4

The Hands on Residency Program will be limited to groups of 4 clinicians at a time and held at the Dentsply/Sirona training centre in Melbourne over 3 months to complement the skills the clinicians will be able to take back to their clinics and develop with their teams.