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Clear Aligner Therapy has been around for the last 15 years, however the recent advances in technology, treatment efficiency and predictability has made the Clear Aligner space the fastest growing dental industry in Australiasia. The last twelve months has seen a huge shift in the number of Australasian dentists/orthodontists now using Clear Aligners in their practice and clear aligner therapy is only now gaining traction as a serious and to some extent, better alternative to fixed braces.

It is without any doubt that clear aligners will become the treatment of choice for the majority of orthodontic cases within the next five years. Coupled with the digitalisation of the dental industry, the time is now for dental practices and stakeholders alike to embrace and be at the forefront of this change – or risk being left behind.

Australiasian Clear Aligner Society’s continuing professional development committee has developed a strong two-day (14 CPD points) program, led by prominent opinion leaders, specialists and aesthetic dentists. The Symposium will cover EVERYTHING in the clear aligner space, from aligner mechanics to practice implementation and everything inbetween. The Australasian Clear Aligner Symposium 2019 (ACAS2019) will the Australia’s first ever impartial clear aligner symposium covering all main aligner systems.

After a day of intensive learning, the social dinner planned on friday night will be a fun opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals and enjoy the beautiful place that is the Gold Coast!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Australiasian Clear Aligner Symposium Committee