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anax products meet the widespread need for “uniqueness”. anax is recognised in the dental world for the quality of its products which is far above average. They are easy to define. We call them premium products.

anaxBLEND is a unique veneering system comprising pastes of differing hardness & a variety of liquid materials (up to 75% porcelain fillers). anaxBLEND can be used not only for layereing & modelling, but it  can also be overpressed or injected into anaxform flasks. Rich, opaque dentin colours & different incisal & transparent materials ensure results with superior aesthetics.

anaxGUM is a tissue coloured composite to be used for the aesthetic reconstruction of gingival parts. It can be used either in the lab or by the dentist directly in the patient’s mouth. anaxGUM, the simple way back to a natural appearance of the gums.

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