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For four decades now, dentona has optimized and continued to perfect the production of dental models with numerous product innovations.

The new optiprint match 3D resin has physical properties perfectly matched to the Asiga 3d printer. The smooth, matt brown colour of optiprint match is easy on the eye and ensures a homogeneous surface appearance on the printed form part.

optimill memosplint thermoplastic resin adjusts itself in the patient’s mouth becoming more flexible without losing its high level of tensile strength and resistance to breaking.

The memory effect of the material acts in such a way that the splint or brace automatically returns to its former shape after being formed. The memosplint material is clear, transparent and has a neutral taste. It is millable, and for manual corrections it is compatible with conventional powder-liquid systems. It is suitable for therapeutic, reflex, positioning and stabilisation splints.


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