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Reliable, Affordable Chairside 3D Printing

Formlabs Dental’s complete 3D printing solution enables your dental practice to create accurate and consistent parts for a wide range of indications.

A Simple and Consistent Workflow

From print preparation software to monitoring and automated post-processing tools, Formlabs offers a hassle-free and clean workflow that fits any dental practice.

Next Generation Low-Force Stereolithography

Our next generation Low-Force Stereolithography technology reduces the strain created on a part when peeling it from the resin tank between layers, producing parts with incredible surface quality and clarity. Light-touch supports make removing support structures easy and reduce time spent in post-processing.


Thanks to the precise Low-Force Stereolithography print process, the Form 3B produces high accuracy removable die models, surgical guides, splint, and other indications, delivering the same precision as large-format dental 3D printers

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