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Metoxit Zirconium Oxide

For over 25 years, Metoxit have been specialising in producing aesthetic dental solutions for situations requiring safety under high mechanical loads.

Zirconium oxide is their world. They promise quality at the highest level – Quality SWISS MADE.

Nature is their role model. White, pre-colored and multi-indicator discs from opaque to super-highly translucent – the right decision for every requirement.

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Z-CAD ONE4ALL – A multi-indicative, biocompatible high-performance class 5 zirconium oxide combining high translucency with high strength. Available in White & pre-coloured in 16 + 3 bleach shades

Z-CAD ONE4ALL MULTI – Another all-rounder combing high translucency with high strength AND multilayeredness. Biocompatible, high performance class 5 zirconia in multilayere gradient free 16 colours.

Z-CAD DEEP & SURFACE LIQUID – Two infilttration liquids for all cases. DEEP primarily for the immersion technique. SURFACE for the paint-on technique.



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