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Digital Denture Solutions


Pacific Dental Specialties focuses on Open Architecture Solutions, to ensure you are not locked in to a particular manufacturers products.

As technology improves, you simply upgrade individual components, without disrupting your workflow





The future of dentures is digital. Combining scanning with design software is the only way to meet the future demands of your customers.

Learn Digital Dentures

Are you confused by Digital Dentures? Are you interested in getting into digital technology for full-arch removable restorations? 

Dr Michael Scherer, well known speaker & trainer on a range of digital solutions, offers an online course covering the basics all the way up to the advanced level methods of using intraoral and optical scanning techniques, clinical and laboratory workflows, 3D printing techniques, and multiple methods for making digital dentures.

An essential, & affordable, introduction to digital dentures.


The Digital Denture process starts with capturing good quality data.

Pacific Dental Specialties has a range of model scanners from two of the leading manufacturers.

The Medit T500 & T300 quickly capture consistently accurate digital data, including articulateedd models

3Shape lab scanners provide high ISO documented accuracy, high speed and many advanced scanning features. 

From the affordable E1 scanner to the high performance E3, 3Shape’s scanner portfolio offers a solution perfectly matched to the needs of your lab.


Developments in denture software, and improved manufacturing methods, present a great opportunity to shift your expertise to a digital platform.

exocad DentalCAD is the leading white-label dental CAD software: great for beginners, yet powerful in the hands of an expert.

Their FullDentureModule  provides a guided workflow for designing highly aesthetic full dentures.

Model analysis can be performed digitally. The results will drive an automatic full-arch tooth setup suggestion. FullDentureModule  supports different type of production processes, including two-step-milling, printed denture bases and monolithic printed dentures (e.g. for try-ins). Take maximum advantage of the digital revolution in denture production!

The partial framework module PartialCAD provides you with a digital solution for designing high-quality removable partial denture ­frameworks.

Apply advanced design and customization features for meshes, major connectors, clasps, lingual aprons and finish lines. Enjoy the highest design flexibility offered by PartialCAD’s extensive features and functionality for l-bar retainers, post design with retention and auto-relief for optimal fit. With this module, you can combine partial frameworks with crown and bridge design elements and create support bars for printing. In addition, partial framework customizations with logos and text are possible.

3Shape Dental System® includes advanced CAD/CAM denture software that delivers razor-sharp accuracy with reproducible results for dentures with better comfort, fit, aesthetics and strength – and at a much lower cost than your conventional denture workflow.

Dental System features leading tooth libraries and is compatible with a wide range of 3D printers and milling machines, giving you extensive design and  manufacturing options in a single, smooth workflow.


3D Systems has leveraged its 30 years of 3D printing experience in combination with the leading developer of biocompatible dental 3D printing materials to deliver the NextDent 5100 solution. This complete solution represents industry-defining materials and print innovation, dental domain expertise, and regulatory compliance in all major markets to revolutionize your workflow.

Combined with a portfolio of 30 unique NextDent 3D printing materials*—the largest number available from any material supplier—the NextDent 5100 addresses multiple dental applications.

NextDent Denture 3D+ is a biocompatible Class IIa material suitable for printing all types of removable denture bases. This material has significant lower shrinkage compared to standard PMMA denture base materials. Shrinkage can be compensated by using dental software resulting in excellent fitting denture bases.

NextDent Denture 3D+ has excellent mechanical properties and is comparable to conventional denture base materials. Available in 5 new colors: Dark Pink, Light Pink, Opaque Pink, Red Pink and Translucent Pink.

NextDent Denture 3D+ is now approved for use in Australia & New Zealand

Coming Soon – Formlabs Digital Dentures

 Truly accessible direct printed dental prosthetics

Bring your removables department digital now. Formlabs is expanding access to digital dentures with an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solution. Class II long-term biocompatible Digital Denture Resins enable dental professionals to produce 3D printed full dentures accurately and reliably.

  • Use Denture Base Resin for denture bases and try-ins
  • Use Denture Teeth Resin for denture teeth

More shades coming soon.


DGSHAPE by Roland takes thirty-years of reliability and innovation and combines it with next-level production and efficiency to meet the needs of today’s growing lab businesses.

The next generation of the industry’s best-selling dental mill has kept everything users love, and then made it even better. Reliable, precise and affordable, the DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine now offers better disc handling, more material capabilities, improved tool management and other enhanced features in a machine with added efficiency.

The DWX-52DCi dental milling machine expands your lab production and profit, with a 6-slot Automatic Disc Changer, 15-station Automatic Tool Changer and other automated features.

Combine milled bases with card teeth or 3D printed teeth, to give  you the result you want.


Zest Locator Overdentures
Digital planning & manufacture

Combine digital scanning, exocad denture planning software & 3D printing, to accurately produce Zest overdentures


Denture Resin

NextDent Denture 3D+ denture resin is now approved for use in Australia & New Zealand

Denture Milling Discs

Polident pink veined discs for milled denture bases.

Indicated for full dentures, partial dentures, temporary immediate load implant dentures

Zest Locator Overdenture abutments & Components

The company’s flagship product LOCATOR has achieved worldwide acceptance as the premier overdenture attachment in the dental industry. More than 100 manufacturers have partnered with Zest to customize its patented LOCATOR Attachment System to be compatible with their respective implant platforms. Zest provides removable and fixed implant restorative solutions, world class narrow diameter implant systems, and dental materials and products for overdenture modification and processing to clinicians treating the real world problems associated with edentulism.