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DIY Clear Aligners

Pacific Dental Specialties focuses on Open Architecture Solutions, to ensure you are not locked in to a particular manufacturers products.
As technology improves, you simply upgrade individual components, without disrupting your workflow

Resource centre for in-office aligners

It’s time to start putting money in your own pocket!






Before transitioning to making your own aligners, learn how the process is done.
Here are some great educators to help you on your way.

On-line Aligner Course

Fast Track Dental CE

This is an online course from Orthodontist, Dr Melissa Shotell, who, with her husband Dr Michael Scherer, are well known for their involvement in all aspects of digital dentistry.

Are you interested in getting into clear aligner therapy but unsure if they really work? Are you a general dentist interested in getting into orthodontics but not know where to start?

This exciting course covers diagnosis and treatment planning, the differences in technology, step-by-step clinical procedures from taking records to delivering aligners and monitoring your patients until case completion.

Visit the website for more information

In-Office Aligner Complete Course

Fast Track Dental CE

This is an online course from Orthodontist, Dr Melissa Shotell, who, with her husband Dr Michael Scherer, are well known for their involvement in all aspects of digital dentistry.

Do you want to be able to 3D print your own aligners in-office affordably?

This course includes the “Fast Track Clear Aligners” entire curriculum. In addition, this online course features in-office 3D printing in-office (DIY) clear aligners. Create your own branded in-house clear aligners by designing and 3D printing your aligner cases. We teach you the secrets, step-by-step on how to set-up your cases (or outsource setup!) and then 3D print models for aligners, vacuum forming aligners, and then finishing and delivering them to the patient!

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AORTA Australia

AORTA provides clinical training and mentorship to general dentists who desire to develop and advance their skill in Aesthetic Orthodontics encompassing clear aligners, whitening and direct bonding and veneers.

AORTA utilises cutting edge technology to deliver face-to-face and online engaging and interactive training programs for dentists and their team.

The training programs are developing a standardised way of operating that increases clinical efficiency, cost effectiveness, patient care, safety and satisfaction.

Click here to see our upcoming courses to suit your needs.

AORTA Webinar Archive


This is where we can help you, with our range of both intraoral scanners & model scanners.

Medit i500

No license fees
Software updates included
Open system prodiucng STL,PLY & OBJ files
Scans accepted by a widwe range of major aligner & orthodontic companies

Medit T500

State-of-the-art software technology, high-resolution cameras, and blue light scanning technology. The latest technology with an advanced new camera system with dual 2.0 MP resolution offers exceptional performance and scan data quality.

Full arch scan in 12 seconds!
Accuracy < 7μ


3Shape lab scanners provide high ISO documented accuracy, high speed and many advanced scanning features. From the affordable E1 scanner to the high performance E3, 3Shape’s scanner portfolio offers a solution perfectly matched to the needs of your lab.

Full arch scans 20+ seconds
Accuracy 7+ μ

Case Planning

Whether using software to plan your cases or outsourcing to a third party, planning your aligner case is the crucial part to case success.

In-Office Aligners – Design Software & Planning Service

With eXceed, it is easy to become your own aligner manufacturer. Our service plans cater for all types of providers – from the stand-alone dental clinic to full-scale orthodontic labs and DSO’s. The Office Plan is best suited for the single independent practice wishing to produce aligners for internal usage. ThePremium Plan targets larger operations that wish to private-label their aligners, using multiple eXceed accounts and an on-line production module.

Visit the eXceed Academy for videos & articles to get you started designing & making your own in-house aligners

Vist the eXceed YouTube Channel for more “how to” videos

Archform Aligner Software.

One of the software options taught by Dr Shotell in her in-office aligner course.

Prepare 3D scans with a few clicks
Intuitive Easy Alignment
Accurate Tooth Segmentation

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Archform Support Page

Archform Facebook Page

Archform video

Blue Sky Plan Orthodontic Software

Orthodontic planning software covered in Dr Shotell’s on-line aligner course

YouTube videos

Blue Sky Plan resource page


ULAB Systems Aligner Software

Create custom treatment plans that offer the convenience of same day aligners.

Another software option covered in Dr Shotell’s course. Create aligner movement plans in as little as 10 minutes and print custom aligners the same day, right in your office. The breakthrough software, with FDA clearance, offers full control over your treatment plans, utilizing the latest intra-oral scanning and 3D printing technologies.

Intuitive Interface – makes adoption simple & fast
Flexible Platform – offers easy mid-treatment refinements without delay
AI Technology – learns your preferences over time
Over 13,000 cases planned



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3D Printing

Choose from the affordable Formlabs Form 3B or the fast, high volume NextDent 5100 to covert your planning into production & start saving!

Printers & support from Pacific Dental Specialties

NextDent 5100 3D Printer – Make same day aligners a reality

With their new stacking feature, you could print models for a full treatment plan in just 2 hours, for a fraction of the cost of brand-name aligners.

Product Information

YouTube videos

Facebook Page

Form 3B – The affordable alternative

The ideal solution for those wanting to dip their toes in the water of DIY aligners. For low volume printing where time isn’t critical, the Form 3B offers high accuracy at an affordable price.

Product Information

YouTube videos

Facebook Page

Digital Dentistry from Pacific Dental Specialties – Powered by Metabox

For more than 17 years Metabox has been one of Australia’s largest high-end laptop producers. Every product embodies the core principles of providing industry leading support, products of remarkable quality and most important of all, the worlds most technologically advanced laptop computers.

Metabox, designed for power, driven by passion.

Pacific Dental Specialties can bundle Metabox laptops with our digital solutions at significantly reduced rates. Ask us about a digital dental solution for you.