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Dynamic – Angled Abutment Solutions For Dental Implants

Dynamic Abutment® Solutions solve the problems of incorrect positioning of implants, so as to improve the aesthetics and function of the prosthesis.

They are the leader for dental angled abutments, with over 500,000 cases in the last 10 years.

Dynamic Abutment® Solutions has also developed a complete system for Cad-cam, including all digital resources to resolve the complexity of angles in Cad-cam and allow angle corrections up to 45º.

Dynamic TiBase® 3.0 Titanium Base

Gingival Options

Dynamic TiBase® offers different gingival heights for cases where gingival margins are at differents levels.
5, 7, 9mm heights

The grade V titanium bases have a gold anodized coating to improve aesthetics.

They are to be used with Cad-Cam structures made of Zirconium, metal and PMMA, in order to provide solutions to the individual or multiple prosthesis to rectify unfavorable positioning of the implants. Correction of screw entry from 0º to 45º.

The titanium bases protect and improve the adjustment of the prosthetic part with the screw and also the structure with the titanium implant. Breaking failures of the zirconium structures are reduced and the passive fit in metal structures is improved.


The Dynamic 3TiBase gives you the option to work with different cement heights: 5, 7 or 9mm. It is designed for cases that require greater height. In this way, a larger support surface is achieved. The structure is stronger and more resistant, so that structure breaks by height decompensation between the TiBase and the structure are avoided.

Straight 3TIBASE®

  • CAD-CAM structures made of Zirconium, metal & PMMA
  • Different cement heights – 5, 7 or 9mm
  • Grade V Dynamic TiBase® are gold anodized to improve aesthetics


High precision Scanbody for intra and extraoral CAD scanning procedures, incorporating the angled working system.


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