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Implant Solutions For Practitioners

Pacific Dental Specialties focuses on Open Architecture Solutions, to ensure you are not locked in to a particular manufacturers products.

As technology improves, you simply upgrade individual components, without disrupting your workflow





Everything you need to plan, place & restore major implant systems


Implant placement starts with planning. And planning starts with capturing good quality data.

The Medit i500 intraoral scanner captures consistently accurate digital data, that can then be integrated seamlessly into a digital implant planning process

Improve your implant planning by integrating a scan of the patients face with their intraoral scan & CBCT. Use their eye-line to better align the restoration occlusal plane. Use their facial mid-line to accurately position hte restorations mid-line


With exoplan, simply integrate your intraoral scan with the patient’s CBCT scan to digitally pre-plan where to place your implant for the best clinical &aesthetic outcome.

Then design your surgical guide


Print your surgical guide with your NextDent or Form 3B printer.

Reduce placement times, improve confidence, knowing you’re drilling at the correct angle, to the correct depth, with a surgical guide you designed.


Tools, instruments & drill kits – all you need to place implants


We carry a full range of surgical accessories -drape kits, irrigation, drill kits, guides, bone graft material – all you need to place implants


Select from our wide range of scan bodies, before capturing your digital impression

exocad design software offers you a full suite of restorative design options, including a dedicated implant module.


Select from a wide range of abutments, locators, restorative implant components, to create the finishing touch to your digital implant workflow

Dess Prosthetic Solutions

DESS® abutments are 100% compatible with a wide range of original implant systems. Scan bodies, abutments for all popular implant systems, with a lifetime guarantee.

Dynamic Abutment Solutions

Dynamic Abutment® Solutions solve the problems of incorrect positioning of implants, so as to improve the aesthetics and function of the prosthesis.

Zest Locators

Zest LOCATOR® systems are the market leader in overdenture solutions for the entire patient journey, from partially to fully edentulous. 


Bone Grafting Accessories

Kits, Tools & Accessories for Bone Grafting procedures

Sutures & Membranes

Cytoplast membranes & Omnia sutures

Irrigation Lines

Irrigation for a variety of handpieces

Drape Kits

Custom procedure kits, sutures and irrigation line systems, with a special focus on the set-up of the operating room and the prevention of cross contamination

Implant Instruments

Kits, instruments, wrenches, retractors – if we don’t have it, we can get it!

Dess Implant Accessories

The range includes impression transfer analogues, scan bodies, healing abutments, temporary abutments, multi-unit & uni abutments, screws, CrCo castable sleeves, Ti Bases & Abutments, castables

Dynamic Abutments

Dynamic Abutment® Solutions has become a clear leader in the market for dental angled abutments.

Zest Locator Overdenture Components

More than 100 manufacturers have partnered with Zest to customize its patented LOCATOR Attachment System to achieve worldwide acceptance as the premier overdenture attachment in the dental industry.

Printer Cartridges

Dedicated material for printing surgical guides

Exocad Software

Exocad are a premier dental software developer, with modules specific to practitioners, laboratories, with add-on modules specifically for implant planning, placement & restoration

exoplan – combine CBCT & intraoral scans to plan implant placement & design surgical guides

exocad Charirside – for practitioners


Digital Dentistry from Pacific Dental Specialties – Powered by Metabox

For more than 17 years Metabox has been one of Australia’s largest high-end laptop producers. Every product embodies the core principles of providing industry leading support, products of remarkable quality and most important of all, the worlds most technologically advanced laptop computers.

Metabox, designed for power, driven by passion.

Pacific Dental Specialties can bundle Metabox laptops with our digital solutions at significantly reduced rates. Ask us about a digital dental solution for you.