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Implant Solutions For Dental Labs

Pacific Dental Specialties focuses on Open Architecture Solutions, to ensure you are not locked in to a particular manufacturers products.

As technology improves, you simply upgrade individual components, without disrupting your workflow




End-to-end solutions for Labs for Implant Restorations


Medit & 3shape manufacture high quality, open model/impression scanners.

Choose from a range of features & prices to suit your needs

    • Medit T300
    • Medit T500
    • 3shape E1
    • 3shape E2
    • 3shape E3

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View the Medit range


exoplan from exocad, integrates intraoral scans with the patient’s CBCT scan to digitally pre-plan implant placement for the best clinical &aesthetic outcome. Share with your referring dentist via mobile devices for their final approval

Explore exoplan

exocad DentalCAD, with its suite of add-on modules, covers all implant restorative options from surgical guides to implant borne restorations

exocad Surgical Guide module


Formlabs & NextDent 3D printers complete the digital dental process

Choose to print models quickly, or economically, but always accurately

Print surgical guides, impalnt models with gingival masks, denture bases & teeth for implant borne overdentures

View the Formlabs range

View the NextDent range


Select from a wide range of scan bodies, abutments, locators, restorative implant components, to create the finishing touch to your digital implant workflow

Dess components are 100% compatible with original implant systems & come with a lifetime guarantee

Dynamic Abutments solve the aesthetic problem of poorly placed implants with their angled abutment solutions

Zest LOCATOR® systems are the market leader in overdenture solutions for the entire patient journey, from partially to fully edentulous.


DGSHAPE makes it incredibly easy to produce high quality, amazingly accurate, and cost effective dental restorations. Whether you’re just getting into digital dentistry and CAD/CAM dental milling machines or expanding your current restoration production, DGSHAPE by Roland has the solution for you.

Choose from the DWX-42W Wet Mill, the DWX-52D Dry Mill or he DWX-52DCi Dry mill with its 15-station Automatic Tool Changer & 6-slot Automatic Disc Changer, for uninterrupted milling to increase productivity overnight and during weekends


exocad DentalCAD, with it’s suite of add-on modules is the tried & trusted open source laboratory design software.

Design bars, overdentures, custom abutments, implant borne restorations, ready for milling or printing

Watch an overdenture designed with exocad, for Zest Locators, to be milled or printed


Printer Resins

Resins for all dental lab applications

Amber Mill Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic Blocks

For Wet Milling 

Amber® Mill lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is naturally opalescent, fluorescent and has multi-chromatic gradation.

Translucency can be modified by altering the firing cycle.

It’s superior physical properties – its biaxial flexure strength is about 10% higher than comparative products, it is denser and more crosslinked, resulting in highly stable edges with less chipping – mean you can mill cofident in producing a high quality restoration, time after time

Z-CAD® One4All Zirconia Discs

White, Vita Shades, Bleach Shades & Multilayer

A high-performance zirconia which meets the ISO 6872:2019 standard class 5. Typical strength of more than 1000 MPa (biaxial measurement). Translucency of 45%. The flexible solution for daily business in the dental laboratory.

Z-Cad® One4All Multi
Gentle color gradient with high translucency and maximum strength
The indication of Z-CAD® One4All Multi includes the production of fully anatomical or reduced crowns, veneers,
inlays and onlays up to long span width restorations.