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Implant Components & Accessories

Dess Implant Components

The DESS® product range has been conceived around the most popular connections but has been evolving to become the most complete range of compatible products in the market.

The range includes impression transfer analogues, scan bodies, healing abutments, temporary abutments, multi-unit & uni abutments, screws, CrCo castable sleeves, Ti Bases & Abutments, castables

Dynamic Abutment Solutions

Dynamic Abutment® Solutions has become a clear leader in the market for dental angled abutments.

All the componenets required by both Practitioners & Laboratories for using the Dynamic Abutment Solutions, in both analogue & digital work flows

Zest Overdenture Implant System

With over 4 million patients treated, the Zest LOCATOR® systems are the market leader in overdenture solutions for the entire patient journey, from partially to fully edentulous.  Zest provides LOCATOR products that can impact the quality of their life, throughout their treatment cycle. 

Innovative patented technology, with availability in more than 280 implant connections, has propelled Zest LOCATORS to be the preferred choice for clinicians.