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Lab Digital Solutions

Pacific Dental Specialties focuses on Open Architecture Solutions, to ensure you are not locked in to a particular manufacturers products.

As technology improves, you simply upgrade individual components, without disrupting your workflow





Medit & 3shape manufacture high quality, open model/impression scanners.

Model scanners set the standard for accurate scanning.

Choose from a range of features & prices to suit your needs

Medit T300

Medit T500

3shape E1

3shape E2

3shape E3

exocad & 3shape are the world’s leading dental design software suites.

exocad has a full suite of software modules to cover all aspects of dental laboratory design. Choose the package that best suits your needs

Combine 3shape denture software with a 3shape model scanner for a full & partial denture design solution

DGSHAPE has a long, rich history, manufacturing high quality equipment; their range of wet & dry mills continue this tradition.

The next generation of the industry’s best-selling dental mill has kept everything users love, and then made it even better. Reliable, precise and affordable, the DWX-52D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine now offers better disc handling, more material capabilities, improved tool management and other enhanced features in a machine with added efficiency.

The DWX-52DCi dental milling machine expands your lab production and profit. With a 6-slot Automatic Disc Changer, 15-station Automatic Tool Changer and other automated features, it gives users of all skill levels an exceptionally powerful, efficient and affordable dental restoration solution.

3D printers complete the digital dental process. Formlabs & NextDent are leading manufacturers of 3D printers for industrial, commercial & dental use.

The Form 3B dedicated dental printer from Formlabs, builds on the companies rapid take-up in the dental world. Building on the experience gained & with input from dental professionals, the Form 3B provides economical & accurate 3D printing

3D Systems has leveraged its 30 years of 3D printing experience in combination with the leading developer of biocompatible dental 3D printing materials to deliver the NextDent 5100 solution. This complete solution represents industry-defining materials and print innovation, dental domain expertise, and regulatory compliance in all major markets to revolutionize your workflow.

Combined with a portfolio of 30 unique NextDent 3D printing materials*—the largest number available from any material supplier—the NextDent 5100 addresses multiple dental applications

Choose to print models quickly, or economically, but always accurately


Amber Mill Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic Blocks

For Wet Milling 

Amber® Mill lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is naturally opalescent, fluorescent and has multi-chromatic gradation.

Translucency can be modified by altering the firing cycle.

It’s superior physical properties – its biaxial flexure strength is about 10% higher than comparative products, it is denser and more crosslinked, resulting in highly stable edges with less chipping – mean you can mill cofident in producing a high quality restoration, time after time

Z-CAD® One4All Zirconia Discs

White, Vita Shades, Bleach Shades & Multilayer

A high-performance zirconia which meets the ISO 6872:2019 standard class 5. Typical strength of more than 1000 MPa (biaxial measurement). Translucency of 45%. The flexible solution for daily business in the dental laboratory.

Z-Cad® One4All Multi
Gentle color gradient with high translucency and maximum strength
The indication of Z-CAD® One4All Multi includes the production of fully anatomical or reduced crowns, veneers,
inlays and onlays up to long span width restorations.

Formlabs Printer Cartridges

Formlabs provides a wide range of materials to suit all dental requirements

NextDent Resins

Over 30 resin options to cover all your requirements, including the recently approved NextDent3D+ Denture resin

Mill Compressor

To get the most out of your Mill, you need a compressor of equal quality.

Pacific Dental Specialties has relationships with manufacturers around the country, with experience working with the dental profession, to provide high quality, robust compressors, with local support.

Contact Pacific Dental Specialties for further details.