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Laboratory Restorative Solutions

Pacific Dental Specialties is your partner for restorative solutions.

From simple restorations to complex implant borne structures, we can help you realise your vision of accurately made, beautifully crafted restorations. 






Medit T500

Medit represents the apex in 3D dental scanning. With unsurpassed speed, accuracy and reliability, Medit helps you rediscover your productivity. The T-Series’ new powerful scan engine and affordable pricing are the perfect fit for performance enthusiasts and entry-level users, helping your lab rediscovering productivity thanks to its convenient design and high-tech features.

3shape E1, E2, E3

A solid CAD/CAM system that combines scanning with design software is the only way to meet the future demands of your customers. 3Shape lab scanners provide high ISO documented accuracy, high speed and many advanced scanning features. From the affordable E1 scanner to the high performance E3, 3Shape’s scanner portfolio offers a solution perfectly matched to the needs of your lab.

exocad DentalCAD

exocad DentalCAD is the tool for every dental technician who wants to be part of the future in digital dentistry. The standard version of our software covers a wide variety of indications, making it an attractive choice both for expert users and newcomers in the dental CAD field.

The strength of exocad DentalCAD is its simplicity. There is no point in creating software that makes your job harder, so it doesn’t. Even for first-time users, it’s extremely logical and easy to use, because the software emulates the analog work of a dental technician.

exocad DentalCAD add-on modules & bundle options

Extend your range of options with exocad’s full complement of additional software modules.


Formlabs Form 3B 3D printer

With advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology, Formlabs has completely re-engineered resin-based 3D printing to drastically reduce the forces of the print process.

Ideal for affordable, accurate 3D printing

NextDent 5100 3D Printer

The NextDent 5100 facilitates high-speed 3D printing for production of dental appliances and sacrificial castings. Combined with NextDent’s broad portfolio of dental materials, the Nextdent 5100 offers unparalleled speed, accuracy, repeatability & productivity.


DGSHAPE has a long, rich history, manufacturing high quality equipment, all utilising open architecture.

The range includes wet & dry mills to cover all your requirements

DEKEMA Ceramic Furnaces

For almost 50 years, DEKEMA has been a world leader in ceramic furnaces, providing dental technicians the ability to reliably &  consistently produce the highest quality results.

Whether simply glazing chairside milled restorations, pressing ceramic ingots, through to sintering & finishing the most complex cases, DEKEMA has a solution for you.


Milling Blocks

Amber® Mill lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is naturally opalescent, fluorescent and has multi-chromatic gradation.

Translucency can be modified by altering the firing cycle.

It’s biaxial flexure strength is about 10% higher than comparative products, it is denser and more crosslinked, resulting in highly stable edges with less chipping – mean you can mill cofident in producing a high quality restoration, time after time

Press Ingots

Amber® Press raises the bar for quality press ingots. Better-than-ever flexural strength compared to previous lithium disilicate materials. The very small reaction layer residue on post-press product reduces the need for an acid wash.

anaxvest Phosphate Bonded Investment

anaxvest pm: a phosphate-bonded, high-speed investment for all press ceramics and metal techniques (high-noble and non-precious). 

Suitable for the conventional heating technique or for the high-speed method.

The superfine grain structure delivers beautiful surfaces and accurate reproduction of the modeled work.

Metoxit Zirconia Discs

Z-CAD® One4All Is a high-performance zirconia, available in a range of shades & multi-layer.

It combines 45% translucency with high flexural strength.


Multi-layered, pre-coloured PMMA discs for making temporary crowns and bridges.  A multi-layered disc is composed of five shades of colour with gentle colour transitions that give it a natural look.


Technopolymer with unique characteristics that allows you to alternate rigidity and elasticity depending on the specific requirements. 

Can be used for temporaries, bridges, bars, substructures.