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AnaxVEST Investment Powder 100g x 60


$202.40 EX GST

anaxvest pm: a phosphate-bonded, high-speed investment for all press ceramics and metal techniques (high-noble and non-precious). The good flowability and the longer processing time make its use a breeze.

This investment is suitable either for the conventional heating technique or for the high-speed method. The simple instructions provide formulas to allow for a very broad range of expansions, from the super-precise ceramic inlay up to the nonprecious ‘horseshoe’ restoration. The superfine grain structure of anaxvest pm delivers beautiful surfaces and an accurate reproduction of the modeled work.

The high heat resistance of this investment allows a wide choice of alloys for casting.

anaxvest pm is easy to divest, not too soft, but easy to remove. So, the investment won’t ‘fall apart’ before you want it to.