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Carestream CS3600 Intra-Oral Scanner

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Carestream CS 3600 Intra-Oral Scanner

Whether your practice handles restorative, orthodontic or implant cases, the CS 3600 adapts to your needs by making your digital impression workflow fast and easy.

The Carestream CS 3600 Intra-Oral scanner  puts smarter scanning in your hands. Whether your practice handles restorative, orthodontic or implantology, the CS 3600 adapts to make digital impression capture fast and easy.

High-Speed Continuous Scanning

The CS 3600’s unique continuous scanning capabilities makes it faster than ever to acquire a scan.

Continuous scanning allows the user a smoother, uninterrupted manner, greatly reducing the time it takes to capture a digital impression. This high speed makes it ideal for time-consuming dual arch scans.

Any Time, Anywhere Intelligent Matching System

Freely complete any missing data in any area.

Focus on your patient, not manipulating software or buttons. The Intelligent Matching System allows users to fill in missing information for any area in the data set for efficient scanning. There’s no need to indicate an exact location to the system or to follow a specific direction —simply jump to any position in the mouth.

Choose the Tip that Suits Your Needs

Two rounded, interchangeable tips in different orientations capture scans in hard-to-reach areas.

Comfortable scanning is possible with the CS 3600. The normal tip is ideal for general scanning, while the side-oriented tip is specifically designed with a lower height to help scan in difficult areas. Both styles are autoclavable to support optimal sterilization for infection control and can be used up to 20 times. The CS 3600 tips also offer the shortest height of any autoclavable tips in the market.