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Formlabs Form 2 Dental Model Resin 1L


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Dental Model Resin

Now Available!
Designed for crown and bridge models with removable dies, Dental Model Resin is a high-precision, high-accuracy resin. Crisp margins, precise contacts and occlusions within ± 35 microns allow you to print removable dies with a consistently tight fit. A smooth, matte surface finish and colour and hardness similar to gypsum make it easy to switch from analog to digital model production. A per-model production cost competitive with stone models, makes the switch seamless for your business.

  • Resin Cartridge – 1L
  • Class 1 biocompatible
  • High performance resin for crown and bridge models with removable dies
  • Designed to print at 25 microns for maximum accuracy

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