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Surgical Kit – Dr Richard Chan

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Kit Contents:

1 x 6502 Tissue forcep Adson 1×2 12 cm
1 x 6502 Tissue forcep Adson 1×2 12 cm
1 x 5505 Needle holder Crile-Wood 15 cm str
1 x 5514 Needle holder Castro 18 cm str
1 x 6002 Scissor tc Metzenbaum 14.5 cm cvd
1 x 2002 Surgical chisel 13k / lr 4.5 / 3.5 mm
1 x 6905 Scalpel handle 5 round handle cvd
1 x 3509T Periosteals blue pr3 titanium
1 x 3516T Periosteals blue buser titanium
1 x 4111 Surgical curette molt 2/4
1 x 14107 Surgical curette lucas 87
1 x 4101 Surgical curette lucas 84
1 x 6518 Dressing plier Meriam
1 x 6908A Mirror handle thin OctagC/SwitRule
1 x 1132 Probe – EXP 23/CP12 (3-6-9-12)
1 x 6433 Retractor vestibular large
1 x 5922 Scissor suture 15 cm
1 x 2094 Bone mixing bowl
1 x 7425 Trays bone square
1 x 2080 Bone syringe 3.5 mm
1 x 2081 Bone syringe 4.0 mm
1 x 7512 Surgical cassette 15 hold

A/Prof Chan graduated from the University of Sydney and completed his Master of Dental Surgery in 1983. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and was also a fellow of the College of Dental Surgeons Hong Kong (Prosthodontics), Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Dental Surgery), Pierre Fauchard Academy and the International College of Dentists. He has practiced implant dentistry since the mid-1980’s and has published in international and Australian journals and has lectured extensively on restorative dentistry, implant surgery/GBR and prosthodontics in Australia, New Zealand, and South-east Asia.

He is an Associate Professor in Oral Rehabilitation and is on the faculty for Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (Prosthodontics) and Program Director of Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) at the University of Sydney. He is also an Honorary Associate Professor (Oral Rehabilitation) at the University of Hong Kong. He was a past President of the Australasian Osseointegration Society (NSW) Inc. and was in full time referral practice in Sydney limited to implant surgery and prosthodontics.