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exocad ChairsideCAD Core Version

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Indications and functionalities of the ChairsideCAD Core Version

One platform – all digital dentistry solutions

ChairsideCAD  supports you in designing various aesthetic and functional dental restorations and appliances while the patient is still in the chair. Thanks to its simplified, intuitive user interface and open tooth and material libraries, a high level of automation and consistent results are ensured.

With the Core Version, you can design Anatomic crowns, Bridges, Frameworks, Inlay/Onlays & Veneers.

ChairsideCAD & its add-on modules are available only as a Flex license.

Enhanced options thanks to numerous add-on modules

Extensive, versatile, integrated

React to changing market and patient demands by easily expanding your service offerings with one or more of exocad‘s add-on modules. Significantly reduce treatment times and frequency while increasing patient satisfaction.

Add-on modules for ChairsideCAD are

  • Implant Module
  • Model Creator Module
  • Bite Splint Module
  • Provisional Module
  • Smile Creator Module
  • Auto Articulator Module
  • Jaw Motion Import Module
  • DICOM Viewer Module
  • TruSmile Module
  • In-CAD Nesting Module

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