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exocad DICOM Viewer Module

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Visualize voxel CT data during the design process

exocad’s DentalCAD  platform includes an optional DICOM Viewer* that allows you to visualize voxel data from CT machines during the design of dental restorations.

Get enthused about the high-speed processing of large CBCT files. Driven by optimized data handling algorithms and snappy graphics rendering, the DICOM Viewer provides market-leading DICOM loading and visualization speeds.

*Note: DICOM Viewer is not for diagnostic/medical purposes. exoplan is an alternative program for blending CBCT data with STL files of intraoral scans for the purposes of implant placement planning & surgical guide design.

Available for DentalCAD (Perpetual or Flex license) & ChairsideCAD (Flex license only)

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