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Take maximum advantage of your existing hardware

A full-featured dental scanning software, designed to integrate legacy scanners with exocad DentalCAD

Today, most desktop dental scanner manufacturers ship their scanners with software that provides perfect integration with DentalCAD (see here for a list of integrated scanners).

But what about devices that were originally designed to work with different CAD software, and don’t include exocad integration out of the box?
Here’s where exoscan comes into play! It supports a variety of common scanners – including 3M Lava Scan ST I and II, Renishaw tactile scanners (as well as the OEM variant “Procera Forte”) – and adds modern, high-performance scanning software to your existing devices. Even hybrid scanning (combining tactile and optical metrology) is supported, to achieve optimal results for challenging implantology or telescopic crown cases. Implant positions or telescopic crown surfaces are measured using tactile metrology, and for the rest of the model, a high-speed optical scan is handled by a separate structured light scanner.

exoscan is included in DentalDB

exocad exoscan

exocad exoscan