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exocad Nesting Module Add-on & Stand-alone Module


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State-of-the-art CAM technology

Thanks to close cooperation with leading CAM vendors, exocad® DentalCAD interacts smoothly with a variety of third-party CAM solutions. Due to the open architecture of exocam, third-party software can be used for the actual tool path calculation. The result is a seamlessly integrated CAD/CAM software.

The Nesting Module includes tool path calculation, currently provided by either Moduleworks or Sum3D. Alternatively, there is an In-CAD Nesting Module available, providing the nesting only function of exocam, where the tool path calculation can be performed by Moduleworks, Sum3D or any other CAM provider.

With exocam, even novice users can take advantage of state-of-the-art CAM technology – seamlessly integrated with our CAD software products. exocam provides you with everything you need for a smooth workflow in the day-to-day running of a dental lab.

exocam features:

  • Nesting of designs within material blocks
  • Production queue management
  • Material block management
  • Automated tool path creation
  • Visualization of tool paths and milling simulation

Currently exocam is available for the following machines:

Imes Icore 245i, 250i, 350i
DGShape DWX-4, DWX-4W, DWX-51D, DWX-50

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