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DOF Freedom Ultra HD

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Freedom UHD

The All-New Freedom UHD scanner is a premium 3D scanner with powerful Ultra High-Definition (UHD) resolution and DOF’s patented Stable Scan Stage (SSS) technology. Stable Scan Stage (SSS) Method enables camera & light module to rotate around center of the scanning stage, making your models stable while being scanned. Freedom UHD is absolutely user-friendly so that no more fixture or adhesive are necessary to stabilize the object. All articulators are directly compatible. Freedom UHD will read occlusion relationship directly from your existing articulator. You can mount your existing major splits onto transfer plates and transfer physical coordinates directly to the CAD Software.

Virtual Articulation also can be utilized, supporting Artex, KaVo, SAM, and Adesso bases. Freedom HD is perfect for scanning gypsum models, but it is also optimized for silicone and alginate impressions. Their innovative HSS algorithm enables you to capture areas that are difficult to scan and outputs a final positive model.

Increase your work efficiency with Multi-die plate. You can scan complex model with multiple dies (up to 7) all at once.

Freedom UHD is also optimized to be used for orthodontic applications. This scan data you obtained from either your gypsum or impression will be have the necessary features to be ready for your orthodontic planning.

Freedom UHD will provide an option for you to scan pencil lines overlaid on your digital data.


  • Light Source – White light LED
  • Camera Resolution – 5.0 MP (2 cameras)
  • Software – Open Type (STL compatability)
  • Accuracy – less than 10μm
  • Connection – USB 3.0