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G-CERA® ORBIT VEST Refractory Die Material


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G-CERA ORBIT VEST is a phosphate-bonded, refractory model material for the production of all-ceramic crowns, inlays, onlays and laminate veneers. This product allows porcelain to be built directly upon the refractory model, providing high strength to withstand repeated firings and has outstanding dimensional stability. It is available in two single-mix formulations: crowns/veneers and inlays. G-CERA ORBIT VEST has different expansion rates to compensate for each application.

  • High strength
    • Separates from impression easily; resists breakage
  • Granular formula
    • Easy to mix
    • Provides a smooth model surface
  • Highly versatile
    • Works with all-ceramic and metal bonded porcelains, as well as low-fusing porcelains
    • Matches expansion curve of porcelain to a higher degree than other refractory materials
  • Premeasured powder packets
    • Assures accuracy of the mix for consistent handling and performance
  • Two formulations
    • Eliminates the need to compensate for shrinkage and expansion when producing crowns, veneers or inlays
    • Single-mix formula eliminates refractory problems from restoration-type, ceramic-type and firing temperature

Avialable as

Orbit Vest Powder  for Crowns 30 Bags x 33g
Orbit Vest Powder for Inlays 30 Bags x 33g
Orbit Vest Liquid 200ml

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