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GC Initial LiSi Layering Porcelain

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A Layering Ceramic for Lithium Disilicate Restorations with Aesthetics Technicians Demand

GC Initial LiSi is a specialized veneering ceramic designed for Lithium Disilicate substructures. Initial LiSi offers the highest aesthetics, perfectly matched CTE, and is a more cost effective option for your most popular restorations.

Thanks to the exact cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), its low firing temperature, and high stability during multiple firings, GC Initial LiSi ensures you safe and predictable processing of lithium disilicate frameworks.

GC Initial LiSi can be used in the individual layering and in the cut-back technique. Full anatomical frameworks can be enhanced using the GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes NF. The simplicity and easy handling of the GC Initial LiSi powders assure a short learning curve offering quick, aesthetic and economical results.

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LiSi AL ZR Ti Glaze Liquid INvivo, Modelling Liquid, Gingival, Enamel Opal, Cervical Translucent, Enamel Occlusal, Translucent Modifier, Effect Enamel, Bleach Dentin, Correction Powder, Inside, Enamel Opal, Fluo Dentin, Translucent Opal, Translucent Neutral, Clear Fluorescence, Enamel, Dentin, Set, Shade Guide


D-A1, D-A2, D-A3, D-A35, D-A4, D-B1, D-B2, D-B3, D-B4, D-C1, D-C2, D-C3, D-C4, D-D2, D-D3, D-D4, E-57, E-58, E-59, E-60, CL-F, TN, TO, EO-15, FD-91, FD-92, FD-93, EOP-2, EOP-3, EOP-4, CT-22, CT-23, CT-24, CT-25, IN-41 Flamingo, IN-42 Terracotta, IN-43 Sun, IN-44 Sand, IN-45 Havanna, IN-46 Brasil, IN-47 Sienna, IN-48 Kurkuma, IN-49 Maracuja, IN-50 Curry, IN-51 Olive, COR, BLD-2 White, BL-E Enamel, TM01, TM05, BLD-1 Light, BLD-3 X-Light, EL-11 Grey, EL-12 Yellow Soft, EL-13 Orange, EL-14 Yellow, TM-02 White, TM-03 Rosa, TM-04 Yellow, EO-16 Yellow Neutral, EO-17 Violet Grey, CT-21 Light, EOP-1 Bleached White, GM-23 Base Light, 25 ml, 50 ml, Basic, Advanced, Dentine Colours, Additional Colours


Technique Manual

Initial LiSi Brochure

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