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GC LiSi PressVest Investment


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Phosphate bonded investment for pressable ceramic techniques (Type I) Class 2

LiSi PressVest, is a phosphate bonded, carbon free speed investment adapted to multiple press-ceramic and quick heating techniques. Its high fluidity and long working time guarantee an accurate and detailed reproduction.

GC LiSi PressVest provides stable handling under various temperature conditions and is so robust it provides a strong investment ring, so you can effectively use wider volume, while still being easy to divest. No need for hazardous hydrofluoric acid or alumina blasting as the reaction layer can easily be removed just with glass beads.

In short, an investment offering an optimized workflow and ensuring time savings for the dental laboratory.


Specially developed for multiple press ceramic techniques:

  • All ceramic press techniques:
    • Inlays
    • Facings
    • crowns
  • Press-over ceramic techniques

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Powder 100g x 60, Liquid 900ml, SR Liquid 100ml