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GC RELINE Soft & Extra Soft A-Silicone


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GC Reline Soft is an A-silicone materials providing comfort and long-lasting elasticity for classic indications like sensitive mucosa, pressure points, sharp or bony alveolar ridges and undercuts.


  • Cartridge delivery for simple, direct application
  • Retains elasticity and acts as an excellent shock absorber
  • Choice of softness depending on clinical needs
  • Silicone chemistry means no temperature increase during setting and no smell
  • Strong adhesion to the denture
  • High patient acceptance
  • Ideal for implant cases
  • Excellent clinical performance


GC RELINE Soft Intro Pack

  • 62g (48ml) Reline Soft Cartridge
  • 6 Universal Mixing Tips II size L (Blue)
  • 13 ml Reline Primer
  • Reline Modifier A & B 10g (9ml) each
  • Reline point for trimming
  • Reline wheel for finishing

Accessories: Brush no. 7, Plastic spatula, Mixing pad, Sponge, Plastic Spatula No. 1 Plastic case

GC RELINE Soft 62 g (48 ml) Cartridge
GC RELINE Extra Soft 62 g (48 ml) Cartridge
GC RELINE Soft 12 g (13 ml) Primer

GC RELINE Soft Modifier, 1-1 pack, A & B 10 g (9 ml)
each, Mixing pad (No.15) and sponge
Reline Point for trimming, 3 pieces
Reline Wheel for finishing, 12 pieces
Cartridge Dispenser II, 1 pc
Universal Mixing Tips II Size L (blue), 60 pcs

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RELINE Soft Intro Kit Cartridge 48ml Primer & tips, RELINE Soft Refill Cartridge 48ml, RELINE Extra Soft Refill Cartridge 48ml, RELINE Modifier A & B 9ml, RELINE Primer 13ml Bottle