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GC REVOTEK LC™ Light-Cured, Composite Resin for Temporary Restorations


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REVOTEK LC is the first single-component, light-curing composite resin for temporary restorations delivered as a stick. Fabricating high quality temporary inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers and bridges has never been this easy. Each REVOTEK LC Putty Stick contains enough material to fabricate approximately 30 average size crowns.
Simply cut, shape and cure.


  • Single-component composite resin
    • No mixing
    • No wasteful bi-acrylic cartridges and tips
    • No messy acrylic powders and liquids
    • No heavy oxygen-inhibited layers to contend with
  • Ideal consistency
    • Easy to handle and place
    • Not sticky or messy
    • Sculptable; no preoperative impression or stent fabrication is required
    • No wax-ups or model modification are required
    • Records natural, functionally-generated patient occlusion for perfect occlusal accuracy
  • Light-cured
    • Allows ample working time for aesthetic sculpting and bridge fabrication
    • Light-cure 10 seconds intraorally to secure shape
    • Light-cure 20 seconds outside the mouth to reach final finishing hardness
  • MMA-free
    • No exothermic heat
    • No odor or irritation
    • Biocompatible
  • Light-proof storage case
    • Special light-proof storage case keeps unused materials fresh
    • Material is dispensed economically
    • There’s enough material to make approximately 30 average crowns per putty stick
  • Simple cementation
    • Works well with GC equivalent temporary cements

The Introductory Set contains: one putty stick of REVOTEK LC, one light-proof storage case and one GC plastic spatula (No. 2).