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MEDIT T310 Model Lab Scanner


$15,000.00 EX GST

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Introducing the New and Improved T-Series Lab Scanners

Medit have completely overhauled the design of their T-Series lab scanners. The result is a sleek and sophisticated dental scanner which not only does its work well, but in style.

Why the Medit T-Series?

Super Fast Scanning
High Resolution Cameras
Open System

T310 Specifications

Accuracy                                                9μm
Full Arch Scan                                       18 seconds
Colour Texture
Let the scanner decide the scanning height for your object with our auto-elevation feature.
Wider Scan Area
Scan more objects at the same time thanks to the wider scan area of our T-Series tabletop scanners!
Camera Resolution                               2 x Mono 5.0(MP)
Full-size articulator scanning              Optional Extra
To reproduce the exact occlusion orientation, nothing beats scanning the occlusion in the articulator itself. We’ve designed our T-Series to accommodate any articulator available in the market, comfortably.
Replica Denture                                    Optional Extra
Orthodontic Scanning                         Optional Extra

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