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MEDIT T500 CAD/CAM Lab Scanner


$ 20,000.00 EX GST


The latest scanner with improved SW scan. Extremely reliable, accurate and fast scanner that meets the highest requirements and allows you to export files in an open STL format.Medit T500 is the latest Medit scanner with enhanced SW scan. It uses Blue Light technology, which enables quick scanning and provides excellent precision (7μm).

The program is user-friendly, because it takes you through simple and fast individual steps, from inserting the model into the scanner to exporting the file to the CAD design program. A large open work area enables scanning of large models and models in the articulator.

Advantages of Medit T500:

• Blue LED Light technology
• 2x2MP cameras
• Scanning texture and color
• Accuracy <7μm
• Exceptional scanning speed – complete dental arc in 12 seconds and 8 dies in just 19 seconds
• Open STL format
• 3-axis duplex scanning
• The possibility of scanning the model in the articulator
• The ability to scan a print
• Flexible Multi die with anti-slip surface allows scanning of models and dies in 1 phase
• Ergonomic design

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