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Dentona Optimill memosplint Thermoplastic Millable Blanks


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Thermoplastic Resin

This innovative material for producing splints is a type of thermoplastic resin certified class IIA. The special thing about the material is its thermo-effect,which adjusts itself in the patient’s mouth. The material becomes more flexible without losing its high level of tensile strength and resistance to breaking. For the patient, this means a considerably improved level of comfort. The dentist saves an enormous amount of time and achieves repeatable results through the digital production process.

The memory effect achieved by the material properties acts in such a way that the splint or brace automatically returns to its former shape after being formed. The memosplint material is clear, transparent and has a neutral taste. It is very machinable and for manual corrections it is compatible with conventional powder-liquid systems. It is suitable for therapeutic, reflex, positioning and stabilisation splints.

Special features

  • Tension-free wearing comfort and precise fitting, due to memory-effect

  • Very durable, due to maximum breakage safety

  • Durable clearness for nearly unnoticable wear

  • Phthalate-free and hypoallergenic, due to residual monomer content of MMA of 0%

  • 2 thicknesses – 16 mm or 20 mm
  • ∅ 98.5 mm

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16 mm, 20 mm