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Prozcare Brush


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Box of 12

Prozcare Brush is specifically designed for removable dental appliances. It is ergonomically designed for easy grip with medium specially designed bristles that help to remove food debris, and narrow head bristles for the hard to reach areas.

Why is the brush handle shaped differently?
The Prozcare brush has been ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably for better grip. The finger and thumb grips allow for more control whilst brushing. The length and thickness of the Prozcare brush have been designed to fit within the Prozcare kit box.

My regular toothbrush had harder bristles?
Hard nylon bristles may damage the dental appliance over periods of use. The Prozcare brush has medium bristles that will better clean and protect your dental appliance.

How do I clean my new Prozcare Brush?
Clean the Prozcare brush by rinsing any visible debris with water and allow the brush to dry naturally.

Why does my new brush have two bristle heads?
The larger bristles are used for general cleaning. The tapered bristles are used for those hard to reach areas that are often difficult to access and brush.

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