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Prozcare Kit is an all-in-one cleaning, care, maintenance and storage system, designed to assist you with the care of your dental appliances. Contents of the kit include the organically certified, non-abrasive Prozcare Paste, an ergonomically designed appliance brush, cloth and mirror. Your kit can be easily cleaned using warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth.

Prozcare Kit is a unique opportunity to add value to your customer’s dental service experience by presenting them with a starter kit to help them care for, maintain and store their new dental appliances.

It also provides the dental clinician/professional with a distinct point of difference when completing a treatment plan.

The Prozcare Kit is discreet in nature, made from high quality polycarbonate, ensuring your customer is equipped with all the necessary items to clean, care for, maintain and store their new dental appliance.

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Prozcare Kit has been professionally designed to help you clean, care for, maintain and store your dental appliances.

To assist you with the care of your appliances, contents include a Prozcare Paste (30g tube), Prozcare Brush, cloth and mirror. Your Prozcare Kit can be easily cleaned using warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth.

Prozcare Paste is an organically certified, non-abrasive paste. It is also available for purchase from your dental professional in a larger convenient 95g tube. Prozcare Paste contains no harsh chemicals, is enhanced with natural peppermint oil, leaving a fresh minty after taste and a subtle lasting shine on dental appliances.

Prozcare Paste is recommended for both fixed and removable dental appliances. Suggested daily brushing using Prozcare Paste and Prozcare Brush will ensure your dental appliance maintains its as-new appearance longer.

Prozcare Brush is specifically designed for removable dental appliances. It is ergonomically designed for easy grip with medium specially designed bristles that help remove food debris, and narrow head bristles for the hard to reach areas.

Prozcare Cloth is washable and may be moistened, or used dry to wrap around your dental appliance during storage.

Prozcare instruction leaflet details simple and easy to read instructions to be used in conjunction with, and support clinician suggested cleaning, care and maintenance techniques.


Remove the dental appliance from your mouth.

Rinse your dental appliance with water to remove any visible food debris. It is suggested that you, clean your appliance over a water-filled basin or, alternatively, over a hand towel so as to avoid breakages as the appliance may become slippery when wet.

Place a small amount of Prozcare Paste on the brush. Brush all surfaces of your dental appliance paying particular attention to the hard-to-reach areas around the teeth and clasps (if present). It is highly recommended that you clean your dental appliance twice a day.

Once you have gently brushed all surfaces, rinse the excess paste of your appliance with water. If using on fixed appliances, be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean water.Clean the brush with warm soapy water, and then dry and store it in the kit.

Should your dental appliance display heavy staining or visible tartar build-up, seek the advice of your dental professional as it may require advanced professional cleaning.

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