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Prozcare Paste


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Prozcare Paste is an organically certified, non-abrasive paste, available for purchase in a convenient 95g tube.

Prozcare Paste contains no harsh chemicals, is enhanced with natural peppermint oil, leaving a fresh minty after taste and a subtle lasting shine on dental appliances.

Prozcare Paste is recommended for both fixed and removable appliances. Suggested daily brushing using the Prozcare Paste and brush will ensure your dental appliance maintains its as-new appearance longer.

This product is unavailable direct to consumer.


Is the paste safe?
Yes the paste is extremely safe. It is similar to regular toothpaste on the market, however does not contain abrasive materials. If you have an allergy to any of the listed ingredients, or you develop symptoms of irritation, please discontinue use, and consult your dental professional.

Can I use regular toothpaste on my dental appliance?
Regular toothpaste is not recommended for use on removable dental appliances due to its abrasive qualities. Using regular toothpaste will damage the materials used in dental appliance fabrication. Prozcare paste is non-abrasive and if used twice a day will keep your appliance looking as-new longer.

Can I purchase a larger tube of Prozcare paste?
Prozcare paste is available in the 95g tube and complies with aviation security liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGS) restrictions when travelling internationally.

I currently have a fixed dental appliance in my mouth. Can I use Prozcare paste?
Yes, it is safe to use Prozcare paste within the mouth. It is always important to rinse your mouth well after brushing to remove excess paste. When using Prozcare paste directly in the mouth, we suggest using a regular sized toothbrush rather than the Prozcare brush due to its larger size. For all natural teeth it is advised to continue using your preferred toothpaste.

After I brush with Prozcare paste, I notice a distinct shine on my teeth. Should I expect this?
Prozcare paste is made using organically certified peppermint oil, which will leave a gloss finish. Peppermint oil will also leave you with a fresh clean taste.

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