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SmartBone Special U Shape

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SmartBone is produced by combining a bovine mineral bone matrix with bioactive resorbable polymers and cell nutrients. This new concept of composite biomaterial promotes a quick growth of the patient’s cells into SmartBone while its biopolymers degrade, providing perfect integration and osteogenesis.

Give SmartBone
• High loading resistance
• High volumetric stability (>95%); the polymers protect the bone from early resorption
• High tenacity to screws fixation

Facts about SmartBone
• Manufactured in Switzerland
• Bovine derived tissues directly from fully certified companies in New Zealand, a BSE free country (GBR1) country
• Attracts cells
• Readily absorbs blood
• High mechanical stability

Help SmartBone to
• Promote blood cell adhesion and colonization
• Guarantee a high hydrophilicity thus enhancing the chemical cascade of signals that promotes the osteogenic process SmartBone is completely resorbed and replaced by the patient’s own bone within 1-2 years This excellent outcome grants a vital, functional bone-implant integration SmartBone is extremely biocompatible and is ideal for:
• Sinus lift procedures
• Intrabony defects
• Peri-implant defects
• Socket preservation
• Vertical and horizontal bone augmentations
• Craniofacial and maxillofacial applications
• Custom-made applications

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15 x 6 x 4mm, 15 x 7 x 3.5