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All-in-one harvesting and grafting with Meta’s Smartscraper®, a patented instrument featuring a bone cutting blade and a syringe for the graft of the bone curls, all in one single instrument.
The minimal overall dimensions of the tip (3mm), allows Smartscraper to graft bone curls during trans-crestal sinus lift procedures, as well as in hard-to-reach bone defects. The dual-purpose instrument allows to reduce the surgical time connected to the use of customary techniques and instruments.

Smartscraper® is minimally invasive, the manual bone harvesting technique features low morbidity and is well tolerated by patients. Collect both small and large grafts, directly from any potential intraoral donor site, even from close-to-the-defect areas. The amount of collected bone graft can cover any surgical need, giving the possibility to avoid the use of any other bone substitute.

Includes 3x Smartscrapers

Smartscraper® is a ready to use, cost effective disposable device, proposed in a sterile blister pack with sterility guaranteed for 3 years.