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Product Description

Sockit Oral Pain Gel has undergone FDA review and release for management of pain of all  mouth ulcers, lesions and wounds, teething, cold sores, mucositis and stomatitis, and for application to extraction sites.  This unique product contains no drugs, but consists of 100% natural food ingredients that provide a safe means of pain management.  It does not possess the toxicity of topical anesthetic agents.  In addition, its pH and osmolarity are compatible to the oral environment; it is gentle to delicate cells involved in the wound healing process.

Sockit gel provides an ultra-thin mucosa-like barrier film that protects injured tissues from further irritation and contamination.  In addition, it binds sodium and calcium ions at the site of injury and inhibits their entry into the nerve cells, thus preventing the initiation and propagation of pain impulses.  This unique mechanism effects pain relief without the numbing sensation characteristics of anesthetics.  With Sockit gel, there is no concern about exacerbation of dental caries, periodontitis and ineffective endocarditis, as Sockit inhibits growth of microbial pathogens associated with these conditions.

Sockit gel can be applied as often as needed and is safe if swallowed.  Patients report post-extraction pain relief without the adverse effects of drugs.

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