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Zcore – porcine xenograft particulate

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Zcore™ is an osteoconductive, porous, anorganic bone mineral with a carbonate apatite structure derived from porcine cancellous bone.
88% to 95% Void Space: hyper-porosity of porcine cancellous matrix and intra-particle space facilitated by rough particle morphology reduce bulk density of the graft, allowing greater empty space for new bone growth.
Derived from porcine cancellous bone, eliminating any risk of BSE transmission Processed using a heat treatment step that ensures a degree of crystallinity consistent with native bone mineral to allow for remodeling of the healing bone.

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0.25mm – 1.0mm (0.5cc) jar, 0.25mm – 1.0mm (1.0cc) jar, 0.25mm – 1.0mm (2.0cc) jar, 0.25mm – 1.0mm (4.0cc) jar, 1.0mm – 2.0mm (0.5cc) jar, 1.0mm – 2.0mm (2.0cc) jar, 0.25mm – 1.0mm (0.25cc) syringe, 0.25mm – 1.0mm (0.5cc) syringe, 0.25mm – 1.0mm (1.0cc) syringe