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Scandal Sheet (I’m additionally really jealous that she’ll get to listen to him do El Chupacabra whenever she desires.)

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Is Amy Poehler Dating Nick Kroll?

Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll on Parks and Rec. (NBC)

–Amy Poehler was spotted looking cozy with Nick Kroll (whom plays radio DJ The Douche on Parks and Rec, and a lot of recently showed up as Nick’s sibling on brand New Girl)? We approve!

-Remember all those John Travolta sexual-assault claims? Gawker has acquired a report of insurance claims made against their manufacturing business showing four other events privately alleged “sexual attack” within the past 12 months, such as the actor’s longtime stunt double, his previous motorist, and a real specialist. Travolta‘s insurer allegedly given out $84,500 against two for the six claims.

–Angelina Jolie continues to be a significantly better individual than many of us combined” alt=”blackpeoplemeet”> by starting an all-girls school simply outside of Kabul, Afghanistan.

-This ended up being Lindsay Lohan‘s notion of an April Fools’ laugh, demonstrating she’s terrible at EVERYTHING.

–Lindsay is refusing to leave Brazil, despite everyone’s advice. ( maybe maybe perhaps Not my advice. Remain here so long as you’d like, Linds! what about forever? Does forever be right for you?)

-Also, exactly why is show proudly showing each of her bruises that are weird these bikini photos?

-Speaking of bikini photos, more pictures have actually surfaced of Jennie Garth getting “caught” because of the paparazzi while vacationing in Mexico. We place caught in quote markings because those shots are better lit and staged than many movies.

–Emma Watson networks Julia Roberts regarding the address of British GQ.

-Best bithday present ever? Neil Patrick Harris is on a more sophisticated, cross-country scavenger look that has been planned by their awesome partner David Burtka.

-God bless David Letterman for skewering Shia LaBeouf over their Alec Baldwin beef on last night’s Late Night!

–Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno pretended become BFFs yesterday evening by performing a duet into the tune of western Side Story’s “Tonight.”

-Is Gwyneth Paltrow‘s book that is new a hip-hop manifesto?

-I just began viewing Game of Thrones and have always been just four episodes in, but I’m currently obsessing over Jon Snow. This adorable meeting with Kit Harington exactly how he likes girls whom consume burgers is not helping.

–Katie Holmes could be dating a jazz musician. Yay?

–Beyonce and Andre 3000 are likely to cover Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Ebony” for the Great Gatsby sound recording. Yes, please!

–Taye Diggs is pretty much ideal at everything…except rapping.

-So what exactly does Drake wake up to at “5 AM in Toronto”? View his music that is new video learn.

-Speaking of music videos, the flaming that is new video clip is unsettling, strange, and absolutely NSFW.

-This Sunday’s Mad guys premiere are going to be A christmas time episode. What’s with shows being not able to fall into line to your real-world any longer? Final week’s Revenge had been Halloween-themed. Um, maybe not that we view Revenge or anything. *cough*

-Could Rosario Dawson and Michael Fassbender come to be a product?

-It’s a day that is good Canadian-produced television: Orphan Ebony just set a brand new reviews record for area. In addition it launched strong in the usa.

-If you’re at a marriage during the exact same resort Conan O’Brien is residing at, please feel free to Tweet him and ask him to go to. ‘Cause he’ll.

–The Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals, is formally anything. You will find images now and every thing.

-The trailer for iSteve, Funny Or Die’s Steve work film, doesn’t actually function plenty of Justin longer. That will be strange, because isn’t his casting what causes it to be funny?

-Newly involved Hayden Panettiere states she had been “born to be always a mom.” Well, judging from her Nashville performance, she obviously wasn’t created become an actress.

-The red musical organization trailer for the conclusion is here. View a lot of highly successful people make an effort to destroy one another!