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Zest Overdenture LOCATOR® Implant Attachment System

With over 4 million patients treated, the Zest LOCATOR® systems are the market leader in overdenture solutions for the entire patient journey, from partially to fully edentulous.  Zest provides LOCATOR products that can impact the quality of their life, throughout their treatment cycle. 

Innovative patented technology, with availability in more than 280 implant connections, has propelled Zest LOCATORS to be the preferred choice for clinicians.


Zest LOCATOR systems offer:

  • Cost-effective solutions for patients with financial limitations
  • Advanced abutment technology that is designed to protect the implant, abutment and inserts for optimum performance
  • An easier transition for patients to move forward with overdentures or implant therapy
  • Better outcomes and greater satisfaction
  • A lifelong mutually beneficial  relationship between patients and practices

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A Patient’s Overdenture Journey

Learn about the Zest LOCATOR family of solutions from Zest Clinical Director, Len Conner. Len discusses the full range of LOCATOR solutions while also providing clinical tips on each product.

Implant & Multi-Unit Attachment System

The LOCATOR Implant Attachment with patented pivoting technology is the premier system for implant-retained overdentures. According to recent studies, a two mplant retained, tissue-supported overdenture restoration is considered the new minimum standard of care for edentulous patients.
More than two implants may also be placed for an implant-retained overdenture.

Bar Attachment

When a case calls for an overdenture bar, the LOCATOR Bar Attachment provides the same pivoting technology, self-aligning feature, superb retention, and exceptional durability, all in a low-profile design. It also offers three
options for the fabrication of a resilient attachment on an implant-supported cast alloy or milled titanium bar.

Root Attachment

In clinical situations where healthy tooth roots can be prepared for placement of attachments to retain an overdenture, the LOCATOR Root Attachment delivers great versatility.
Straight, 10° and 20° angled post to accommodate divergent roots. Free standing and cast-to options

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The LOCATOR Male pivots in its permanent Denture Cap for a genuine resilient connection of the prosthesis without any resulting loss of retention. The male remains in static contact
with the female socket while the Denture Cap has a full range of rotational movement over the male.

The LOCATOR Attachment is designed to reduce the height of attachment and abutment on all brands of endosseous implants. With a total attachment height of only 3.17mm (male
plus 1mm collar abutment) for an externally hexed implant, the LOCATOR Attachment saves a minimum of 1.68mm to 3.05mm of interocclusal space compared to other implant overdenture

The self-aligning feature of the LOCATOR Attachment allows a patient to easily seat their overdenture without the need for accurate alignment, and without causing damage to the
attachment components. This self-aligning feature also increases the longevity of the LOCATOR. Patients can really bite their
dentures into place without harming the attachments.

The LOCATOR Attachment has twice the amount of retention surface area than other attachments available. The unique Dual Retention innovation that includes inside and outside retention
ensures long-lasting performance, as shown by an independent laboratory test comparing the LOCATOR Attachment to the Stern ERA® Implant Attachment during 60,000 cycles of function.*