Dental Photography plays a key role when it comes to planning implant and corrective surgery and muddied, indistinguishable images can mean the difference between a successful operation and months of patient drama.

Nichrominox Silicone Contrastors and Intraoral Photography Kits take the guess work out of planning your implant and corrective surgeries, allowing for clear, unobstructed views of the site of operation.

Nichrominox Intra-Oral Photography kits enable photography of hard to reach and often times impossible viewing angles. Perfectly flat 3mm thick float glass and a front surface coated with pure chromium using a sputtering vacuum process prevent double imaging and provide distortionless images. The mirrors are reversible allowing photography of shapes, even those that are asymmetrical.

Thanks to the self locking and removable steel and silicone holder, a simple click and Nichrominox Intra-Oral Mirrors are held safely and securely in place. Nichrominox Intra-Oral Photography Kits can be sterilized by any process up to 220°

This month if you purchase one of our Nichrominox Intra-Oral Photography Kits, you will receive a FREE set of Silicone Contrasters valued at $75 AUD.